Prehispanica Electronica – Alyosha barreiro + Nok Niuk in Los Angeles


Last Saturday we had the opportunity to observe one of the best proposals in the electronic music scene in all Mexico with a mixture of sounds, ranging from Aztec percussions, ocarinas, flutes, synthesizer, voices and a great choreography to the level of Cirque Du Soleil, for over a hour Prehispanica  Electronica took the crowd through a journey that went from the Aztec ancestral rituals to a climactic scene with energetic explosions full of contemporary sonorities and enveloping atmospheres.

The amazing performance is run by an amazing dj and producer Alyosha Barreiro + Nok Niuk.


As part of the “2017: Mexico Year in Los Angeles (MXLA2017)” program, on Saturday, September 16 at 8:00 p.m. at the Bell Gardens Veterans Park Prehispanic Electronics (Alyosha Barreiro + Nok Niuk) memorable ritual concert in front of over 5000 people outdoors. In an interview with Barreiro we share some hilights of their concert:

“It was truly an honor to be able to present in such an important city, especially in times of such great political differences. It seems to me that it is time to unite and sympathize with our northern brothers who are going through very difficult times.

It is important to remind them where we come from and where we are going. ”


“Our objective was always clear; to re-identify ourselves as proud Mexicans, to honor our ancestors, to forget for a moment that there is a border created by political ideologies, and especially that in the end, our essence and past unites and identifies us.

Obviously as always, to present a unique show, giving the best of us always trying to create a unforgettable experience ”



On this occasion Prehispanica Electronica invited Karin Burnett aka Afrodita, to be part of this concert, who went on stage in the middle of the show and between prayers in Nahuatl and deep songs, captured the attention of the audience in a dramatical interpreting the passage of souls through Mictlan.


We remember that Aphrodite has a long musical career with her project Aphrodite, the cumbia goddess with whom she has performed in Mexico, USA and Europe continuously.

As usual, Gustavo Cisneros, visual artist of the project generated a unique multimedia world during the concert, giving the final touch to this explosive form.

The artist finished the interview by commenting on his upcoming concerts in Holland, Vienna and Mexico City.


Listen Prehispanica Electronica on spotify:  PREHISPANICA ELECTRONICA




Union – nightclub

Located at:4067 W Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90019 without a doubt is one of the places you got to visit on your next trip to Los Angeles or even if you live around is a great place for an after party or to see any rapper performing.




Located right on the border of Koreatown in the upcoming neighborhood of Arlington Heights, UNION is redefining the Los Angeles nightclub experience. Built in the wake of the historical Jewel’s Catch One’s closure, UNION brings a world-class lineup that prizes quality and diversity, hosting everything from local juggernauts A Club Called Rhonda to Boiler Room to Soulja Boy to Die Antwoord. With 5 rooms, affordable drinks and a welcoming staff, UNION is already upping the ante for L.A. nightlife.

Acid Pauli + Nico Stojan

acid pauli

Acid Pauli is Martin Gretschmann’s club-oriented live set. It has morphed over the years into an advanced DJ performance, incorporating not only techno and house but a wide variety of music across genres beyond dance music. As a versatile musician, Martin is equally comfortable performing at Techno Clubs in New York or Ibiza as he is producing radio plays and writing film music.
Born in the 70s in the Bavarian region of Germany, Martin Gretschmann started to play bass guitar in a punk/indie band in the late Eighties, whilst at the same time becoming interested in the evolution of electronic music and its instruments. The introduction of affordable samplers in that period led him towards the production of his first electronic tracks.
His initial forays under the name Console were released in 1995, and with the help of an Atari computer, a four-track tape machine, a sampler and a small synthesizer, he made his first album Pan or ama in 1996. Around this same time he joined the band The Notwist, tasked with handling the electronic spectrum of their music, and has been a constant member since until 2015. His Console project also became a band, when Gretschmann realized that playing live with friends was much more fun. After releasing several records and remixes, doing radio shows (together with Andreas Ammer), and touring extensively, Martin decided to begin a new solo project once again.

With the rise of the new Millenium, the moniker Acid Pauli was chosen and what has started as a computer based live-act, has since morphed into a dancefloor-focused hybrid live/DJ performance, yet reserves the freedom to experiment and allows for a precise blend of eclectic selections. These unique abilities were showcased on a highly-acclaimed installment of Crosstown Rebels’ Get Lost mix series, a lovely journey that encapsulated the range of emotion and depth present in his performances, and on ‘Countdown to Zero’, a DJ mix with Damian Lazarus.
Acid Pauli’s most recent full-length album, Mst, was released on Clown & Sunset in the summer of 2012. It was the subject of both wide-ranging praise and comparisons with Mr Scruff, Lemon Jelly, Ricardo Villalobos and Björk. 2014 saw Acid Pauli release three collaborative records and, amongst an intense worldwide tour schedule and album with The Notwist, play a number of high-profile solo dates. These included the Day Zero festival and a sound exhibition in Japan.
In 2016, as well as releasing several remixes and his popular track ‘Nana’, Martin started a record label called Ouïe together with Nico Stojan and handled the first release themselves. Martin also took part in a unique and ambitious project called The Golden Machine, creating an electronic device that produced a continuous stream of music for an entire year, and wrote the music for a feature film – “Es war einmal Indianerland” – a Coming of Age story based on the novel by Nils Mohl. In the Spring of 2017, Martin release his second Acid Pauli album, BLD.

Nico Stojan is a global citizen, a Berlin native and a devoted eater of Ayurvedic snacks. Chasing the sun, he spends his time between the fast-paced urban spaces of Europe and wild islands in the South Pacific which smell of Manuka honey and exotic plants.

Before he found his home in House, he had another one in Hip-Hop. Here he nurtured his love of jazz and soul and discovered his talent for working the crowd. But it was the vibrant mood of a growing Berlin club scene and a residency at Bar25 that would change his musical direction and bring him a new set of listeners that would soon become like family. These are the ones who laugh a lot, hug regularly and travel often, and they’ve taken him everywhere; to the big festivals that always sell out to the smaller ones that never do. Here he plays warm sets, hands in the air sets,lush sets. Sometimes he wears a turban while doing so.

In the studio he appreciates the mix of analogue and digital which is the basis of his long awaited album ‘Twisted Manners’ (to be released in 2015). Calling in the cavalry along the way, these passing poets and faraway instruments helped him to achieve his visions and create a sound for the right now. A sound to make its way into the hearts of all the other urban/tropical gypsies that exist out there.

Yet the old hip-hop guy in him still speaks. Plays vinyl when he can or uses digital technology to bring the right frequencies to the people. Whatever the method, he plays it like an instrument and plays the crowd like one too, almost as if being channelled by something that we can’t quite touch.

One of the dreamiest realists that you’ll get to know, he understands that magic hides within our reach, you just have to pull it from the dust. And he does his best with this dust-pulling stuff. For who? For us…


B-liv “Find this house”




B-Liv – Find This House.

Todd Terry is one of the most important luminaries of House music.

He is originally from Brooklyn, Ny, with countless songs that are part of the sound heritage of dance music; artist nominated to Grammy and one of the most important active influences of the house scene for more than 2 decades.

His record label is called ‘inHouse‘, and is one of the most prominent labels in the underground industry, includes music by Arthur Baker, Roland Clark, Ant LaRock, Junior Sanchez, Richard Grey, and now B-Liv arrives to InHouse with “Find This House”.

Inspired by an old gospel track, B-Liv, (one of the major Colombian-Mexican house music producers),  debuts this time on InHouse with a track full of House Spirit. “Find this House” is a groovy tech-house song with a strong soulful foundation.

Check it out in all Digital Stores

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La Vibe presents – Bedouin

Hollywood Underground Music Nightclub “Le Jardin” brings you the best dj’s ever this time they surprised us with an amazing line up.


is a Brooklyn-based production & DJ partnership between nomads Tamer Malki and
Rami Abousabe who are creating their own idiosyncratic spell of melodies and rhythms.
Together they share an eclectic sonic vision that pulls from diverse influences owing to their
Middle Eastern heritage, Western upbringing, and world travels. Their combined musical
backgrounds and ever-evolving taste captures the sensibility of imagination and constantly
explores the connection between ourselves and the future.

Armen Miran :

love and passion for electronic music genres started at a very young age; spending the majority of his time at underground music scenes. His biggest influences include – Pink Floyd, Klaus Schuze, Pete Namlook, Depeche Mode and Eloy to name a few. In 2006, Armen began his journey producing electronic ambient and dark techno sounds. Fast forward to 6 years later, he was booked for his very first gig at Armenia’s well known underground venue called Calument, where he left the crowd speechless with his ambient/Armenian electronic folk and deep house tunes. It wasn’t long before Armen Miran became the name and face of Armenia’s underground music scene. Recently, Armen Miran decided to call LA his home. Keep an eye and most importantly an “ear” out for his new and original productions and massive projects in the works that are soon to be released…You are definitely in for a treat!


Saturday, May 13 La Vibe presents
BEDOUIN + Armen Miran
Tickets [ ]

SoundCloud [ ]

Armen Miran
SoundCloud [ ]


Deep presents: Miguel Migs, Mark Farina & Marques Wyatt




Featuring DJ’s:



SOUND NIGHTCLUB – 1642 Las Palmas Ave Hollywood, CA 90028
Doors: 9pm-4am

DC dubs – Yaiza

Amazing Dj & Producer “DC Dubz” from Dead Celebrities makes his debut release “YAIZA” with renowned label “My Own Beat” by head honcho “B-liv”

Launched a few days ago on “traxsource” is getting good response, tech house grooves & trip textures will take your soul out of this world, includes remixes by Joaco & Charles Bell & H1m.

featured on traxsource as “Essential tech, top 100 tech house & featured deep” perfect track to make people dance!


listen here:

Coachella weekend?


Another year, another Coachella weekend, i said Coachella?

spect the unexpected, Solomon B2B Dixon a party you don’t want to miss… opening set by Doc Martin, will take over at the palm springs air museum.
be safe and enjoy the music, see you all there tonight.