Undoubtedly one of the newest talents in the electronic music scene in southern California is Infex.

Mexican born and living in the city of Los Angeles for several years he is one of the few Dj’s who manages to be in the Hollywood Circuit.

With a short but a successful career he tell us that there still a long way to go and this is barely the beginning.


Infex can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was born and raised in Mexico City,  I think I never liked school I was always distracted  or drawing while teachers were doing the explanations. I was a weird kid with curly hair (he laughs) I used to hate my hair.

How did you discovered your passion for music?

I don’t know, I guess it happened when I was around 5 years old, I remember my sister listening a bunch of reggae and dance music.

I clearly remember I was watching a documentary on television about the club life and the Dj’s and I was like…. damnn that’s looks interesting.

Do you remember some tracks or artist from that time that marked your life?

Of course i do, I have a bunch of influence thanks to them, I would like to say Corona, UB40, Inner Circle & Haddaway.

How did it happen that you began playing at fashion shows?

I was looking for an opportunity to show the world what I could do, there was a fashion event to raise funds for children in need in El Salvador, I remember I contacted one of the designers I sent her a demo and she felt in love with my sounds so they gave me green light to play at this event called “Latinos con corazon” which it took place at “Cicada” in Downtown L.A a bunch of Latin celebrities showed up that night they also had a red carpet so that’s how everything happened.

What would be the most important event in which you’ve played?

I think all of them are important to me, I have done a lot.

Can you mention some of your favorite places in with you’ve played?

I would like to say Skybar at the Mondrian Hotel in Hollywood, The rooftop of Ten Ten Wilshire in Downtown L.A, Beso in Hollywood And the Penthouse of Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood.

What’s the next step for Infex?

I want to release a few tracks i am working on and of course start touring.

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