With King King closing its doors on 1/31/16, the former stalwarts of its Friday nights for years, COMPRESSION & INCOGNITO, combine for the very first time, to throw One Last Night at a place both teams called Home for years.

Headlining this event will be the much awaited return, after a 4-year absence in LA, of Modularz Label Boss DEVELOPER (3-hour set). Plus a back2back gig by Compression’s ROBTRONIK and Incognito’s GERARD NOT GERALD.

So on Sat Jan 2, we do sincerely invite you for ONE LAST TECHNO to say GoodBye to that mirror ball, those red brick walls, those black banners with chinese characters that no one really knows what it says, the friendly bartenders and staff, and that smoking area/parking lot that everybody loves. Oh and for some amazing techno, of course.

[+] Developer (Modularz, Pole Group, Mote Evolver, LA/ Berlin)
[+] Robtronik (Compression Co-Founder)
[+] Gerard Not Gerald (INCOGNITO Co-Founder)

21+ / $10 all night if you click Going



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