We had the opportunity to speak with amazing Dj and Producer B-liv  (believe) Colombian born but with a Mexican Heart, has you can see he’s been doing really good in the music business lately charting in Traxsource thanks to his amazing tracks.


B-liv can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi guys first of all thank you so much for the interview, and of course it would be a pleasure to tell you a little bit about my life… i have 5 different kind of passions, my family, my little cat, my music, my record labels and my job as a publicist. i always divide my life in those 5 things, I’ve been living in Mexico for the last 11 years it’s amazing i am really grateful to be here, a country with great opportunities, i’ve met a lot of people and made a bunch of new friends… also is a really cool place in for the music industry.

How does it fell to see your music in the tops of Traxsource charts?

It is an indescribable pleasure, like when you were at school and getting A+ in your grades, it’s really cool to finish a track and sign it with a label and when you see it in the charts it feels like wining a gold medal (he laughs) or something like that, is not only your inner voice that says you’ve been doing really good on this it’s also some other peoples voice the ones who believes in your work and support your work, i just released my track “Get back to me/For this” with the legendary label from NYC  King Street and it’s been already in 5 different charts! Deep Essentials, House Essentials, Hype Chart, Top 100 & Weekend Weapons.

What does amateur producers need to make high quality music like you do?

Thank you so much for the compliment, i don’t know if i am on that level yet, but what i am really sure about it that you gotta work really hard to accomplish that, also you gotta be honest and humble, there’s a point in life when you gotta pick up what you’ve been planting.

Do you think you are the best dj in Mexico?

That’s a question full of vanity, i don’t know, some people thinks i am, a lot of people thinks i am not, but what i can say is that if i wasn’t B-liv and somebody buys a ticket and invites me to go i will definitely say yes.

We knew you has the opportunity to play at the Winter Music Conference… tell us a little bit about your experience.

I learned a lot from WMC, this will be the fifth consecutive year that i attend and every year is more exiting, when you are there people threats you really good, you can fell the good vibe coming from everybody, doesn’t matter if you are an artist, people there is really down to earth, you can make good networking as well, you are able to hear new sounds, most of the Dj’s take their music with them, and a bunch of people wants to hear your dj sets… and see what’s your proposal.

What is the plan for B-liv for the rest of the year?

I have a lot, most of them with some tracks i want to release, keep on working on my new label (My Own Beat) keep on working really hard as an artist. Also the plan is to find a great booking agency to help me grow as an artist at a higher level. Unfortunately we don’t have that in Latin America not even in Mexico, there’s no booking agencies interested im promote underground talent in Latin America.

Would be cool to find a booking agency that really helps, not those booking agencies created by Dj’s to promote themselves, we need agencies   that really know the business in the music industry but it’s really hard to find something like that you gotta go to USA or Europe to find it.



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